Welcome to my site. I am a Roman Catholic priest who wants to respond to our Lord’s call to bring the Gospel to the whole world and to labor for the salvation of souls.

I originally conceived of this site as a place to post homilies. When I was ordained a priest I created little calling cards to hand out to people with my contact information and the parish schedule. Often when I am hearing confessions I will encourage people to pick up these cards, especially if I think I can help them in some way outside of the confessional. Of course, people might want to remain anonymous so they don’t  feel comfortable emailing or calling. So I decided to try to take this blog and not only post homilies but also hopefully some resources. This way I can simply tell people to come here, and then hopefully they can at least be pointed in the right direction.

This site is a work in progress so I will be slowly adding and updating material. Thus several of the pages are currently blank.

Please know I pray for you, and please pray for me. If there is something that you think I should post, please do let me know using the contact page. God bless you!