A typical day

This morning when I looked ahead at my day I should have suspected it would not be nearly what I expected it to be.

Before my eyes I didn’t have anything planned until a 1:00 parish staff party to celebrate some birthdays.

Of course, the day began much earlier…5:30am the alarm clock sounded. I began the morning routine of shower, coffee, some spiritual reading. Right now I am reading “Frequent Confession” by Benedict Bauer. Then off I went to the local adoration chapel for my daily Holy hour.

I could go there this morning because I was not scheduled for mass until 2:15.

After returning I made some phone calls to happily discover I am finally cleared to begin my employment at the hospital as an official chaplain.

I like to do reading and some study in my private quarters because it affords me some privacy and quiet that the busy office does not allow. I told our secretary I would be upstairs, and no less than 2 minutes later she told me a request for anointing had come in from a nursing home. The sick person’s parish was alerted, but the priest was not there, so we were notified. Off I went, cassock, surplice, stole, and Blessed Sacrament to the nursing home to anoint a dying woman. After some initial confusion about the home layout I found the patient: a tiny sleeping woman beginning to curl up. I began the Sacrament, and I noticed a nurse had entered. She explained the situation to me and so I continued the anointing and gave the woman the apostolic pardon. As it turned out the hospice nurse was a parishioner of one of my good priest friends here in the city.

I returned to the parish where I got myself ready for the nursing home mass, which was now an hour later than previously expected.

Staff party took place and we discussed among other things the upcoming solar eclipse.

Off I went to the nursing home where several attended Catholic Mass. I offered a Mass of the Blessed Mother. It was about 85 degrees in the nursing home, and it felt cooler than when I was there in July.

From there I went to the Pro Life witness, where we stand outside a Planned Parenthood and witness to life, and pray a Rosary. I was able to speak with some parishioners who have been going to this for many years very faithfully ever Thursday. It was about 90 degrees, so I was pretty worn out afterwards.

After this, I got together with some friends for Vespers and dinner.

Just another day in the life of a parish priest. Tomorrow I will go to the hospital after the parish mass, then I will begin my orientation….

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