Ten Reasons to live devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

This is a great list of reasons sent by my spiritual director, Fr. Rene Schatteman:

1. Jesus himself has told us: “Behold, your mother.”(Jh 19:27)


2. Jesus, by his own example, has shown us his affection for Mary. After all, he remained with her for about 30 years, much longer than most people stay with their mothers.

3. The Church has followed that path. From the beginning Christ’s followers have shown love for Mary in prayers, hymns, poetry, art, liturgical celebrations. “The Church’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin is an intrinsic element of Christian worship. The honor which the Church has always and everywhere shown to the Mother of the Lord, from the blessing with which Elizabeth greeted Mary (cf. Lk 1:42-45) right up to the expressions of praise and petition used today, is a very strong witness to the Church’s norm of prayer and an invitation to become more deeply conscious of her norm of faith.” (Paul VI, Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, n. 56)

4. The saints have followed this path and it has led them to the heights of sanctity. St. Josemaria followed a Marian path daily and he recommended that to all. Some of the “steps” that he took each day: the Holy Rosary and the Litany of Loreto, the Angelus (or Regina Coeli), recitation of 3 Hail Mary’s before retiring, the Memorare and many aspirations that he addressed to her each day. Besides this he dedicated Saturday in a special way to Mary, reciting also on that day the Hail Holy Queen (or Regina Coeli).

5. Mary is committed to fulfilling her role, for Jesus told her: “Woman, behold, your son.” (Jh 19:26) From the beginning she cared for John and the other Apostles and early disciples, both men and women. She will rightfully be hurt if we do not turn to her and allow her to pour out her motherly care upon us.

6. We all need a mother. This is so obvious in the natural order, but it is also true in the supernatural order. A mother, besides caring for her children, consoles them and encourages them. A mother often has to tell her children: you can do it! (play the piano, take part in a play, work up a project, get into sports). In the spiritual realm, Mary tells us: you should have confidence in God; you can live purity, patience, sanctify the world, win souls for Christ, speak out in defense of the truth…


7. Mary has proven her love and her watchful loving care over the years.

8. There is so much we can learn from Mary, “The Blessed virgin’s exemplary holiness encourages the faithful to ‘raise their eyes to Mary who shines forth before the whole community of the elect as a model of the virtues.'(Vat.  II, Const. on the Church, n. 65)” (Paul VI, Ibid, n. 57c)

9. Pope John Paul II left us a powerful testimony of his devotion to Mary: Totus Tuus (I am all yours). He had constant recourse to her, consecrated the world to her Immaculate Heart and urged everyone to look to Mary for the victory.


10.  We must do our part to pass on this tradition of the Church. Even though many non-Catholics find it hard to embrace Mary, the Papacy and the Eucharist, these are precisely the greatest gifts Christ has left to his Church. 

One Comment on “Ten Reasons to live devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. As usual,stellar! Remember pilgrimage to Our Lady’s shrines in May.Love,Dad ________________________________


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