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Saint Juan Diego

Today is the feast of Saint Juan Diego. It was on December 9 that the Blessed Mother first appeared to him. Here is his biography taken from the Vatican website: St Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (1474-1548). Little is known about the life of Juan Diego… Continue Reading “Saint Juan Diego”

Immaculate Conception

Nothing is impossible for God! The words of the Angel Gabriel should ring in our ears as well. Nothing is impossible for God! Not even sparing our Blessed Mother from falling into the state of original sin. This dogma of the Faith–something we must… Continue Reading “Immaculate Conception”

Advent? What is that?

As I drive through the area, it is not hard to see: people are already anticipating Christmas. Decorations are already up, and the stores are going wild. The Turkey from Thanksgiving didn’t even get a chance to go cold this year before the Christmas… Continue Reading “Advent? What is that?”

First Friday, First Saturday

Today is the First Friday of December. If you have been confused or have never heard of these devotions, I found a good article which describes the devotion as well as our Lord’s and our Blessed Mother’s promises to those who live this devotion.… Continue Reading “First Friday, First Saturday”

Immaculate Conception Novena

The joy of a feast day is too great to contain within one day. That is why we often have entire liturgical seasons and octaves. For example, after Christmas Day we have the octave of Christmas–eight days of Christmas, followed by an entire season… Continue Reading “Immaculate Conception Novena”