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Monday of the First Week of Advent

I thought sharing this writing by Saint Charles Borromeo, as it is found in the Office of Readings for today, could be helpful. The Office of Readings is one of the “hours” of the Divine Office that priests pray everyday. From a pastoral letter… Continue Reading “Monday of the First Week of Advent”

Advent? What is that?

As I drive through the area, it is not hard to see: people are already anticipating Christmas. Decorations are already up, and the stores are going wild. The Turkey from Thanksgiving didn’t even get a chance to go cold this year before the Christmas… Continue Reading “Advent? What is that?”

First Friday, First Saturday

Today is the First Friday of December. If you have been confused or have never heard of these devotions, I found a good article which describes the devotion as well as our Lord’s and our Blessed Mother’s promises to those who live this devotion.… Continue Reading “First Friday, First Saturday”

Fraternal Correction

Last evening I was with some brother priests and we were bantering back and forth about what time we wake up to begin our days. Recently I also have been getting some input from another brother priest about the need to make sure I… Continue Reading “Fraternal Correction”

31s Week of Ordinary Time

It is hard to believe, but here we are at the end of October. In just a few short weeks we will begin Advent and the beginning of the new Liturgical year as we prepare for Christmas. The month of November is about to… Continue Reading “31s Week of Ordinary Time”