Pray for Priests, Get to Confession this Lent, and many times throughout the year

Most likely your parish priest(s) is/are about to begin the penance service cycle during Lent. Lots of travel, nights hearing confessions, and also fraternal time spent together. A lot of grace, but also this can be physically tiring. Please be sure to pray for your priests. Brother priests, let us pray for one another! Pray for many people to really have a deep conversion and have the grace to make good confessions. If you haven’t been to confession in a while, now is a good time. Now is the best time. We do not know when the Lord will call us, and we don’t want to throw away the wonderful gift of salvation that the Lord offers to us. One single mortal sin cuts off the life of grace in the soul, and if we do not repent of that sin, we won’t end up sharing eternal life with God. God loves you, and Our Lord waits for you to help you in the sacrament of Confession. The life of grace that we are given in Baptism and that is strengthened through this Sacrament is worth more than anything else in the world!


Jesus heals the Leper

Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time. The Gospel is Mark 1:40-45.

We live in an age of programs. I was talking with a young man the other day who was telling me about a new workout program that is extremely intense but only lasts 25 minutes. Everyday we hear of a new diet program. Even in the Church we hear of program after program. Yet, what if we were told, “here is a program from God Himself”. It contains seven steps, and each of these is extremely helpful for living a close relationship with Jesus Christ, and through Him, living in a close and deep relationship with the Holy Spirit and the Father.

Wouldn’t that be something? (more…)

Fifth Day of Christmas-Fountain of Youth! 

Today we hear a very familiar Gospel passage, the one recalling when Mary and Joseph take the Christ child to the Temple in order to fulfill the mandate of the law. Even though they knew their child was the messiah who had been conceived through the Holy Spirit and not by normal means, they did not sense that they were above the law. They submitted with their full free will, and made the offering of the poor.
There in the hustle and bustle of the Temple, the only one who recognized the Christ child was Simeon and Anna.