Four Last Things

Christ the King

In 1925 two men sat down to write documents that would have powerful effects on the world. One man would dictate his thoughts about humanity from a prison cell, which would be titled “my struggle” or, in German “Mein Kampf”. In this book the human race is divided and there is talk of world domination. In the same year, Ambrogio Domiano Achille Ratti wrote a document entitled “In the First” (quas primas). This man is better known as Pope Pius XI, who had the phrase “The Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ” as his motto. Both of these men wrote about one having power and dominion. One man wrote about a kingdom based on hatred and sheer strength. The other wrote about the true king—the one born helpless in a manger and who died on a cross, whose judge posted on the cross “the king of the Jews”. One kingdom is a kingdom of peace and joy, the other is a kingdom of terror, hatred, and death. (more…)

The Wedding Feast

This is my homily for Thursday, week 20 of Ordinary Time. Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14
Imagine if you received an invitation like the one in the gospel. An invitation of enjoying time away from the daily grind, a chance to visit with many people of great importance, and simply the joy of the celebration. The Queen of England invites you to attend an evening with Olympic athletes, heads of state, and your favorite celebrity. All expenses paid. You’d probably want to drop everything and attend! To react any other way seems absurd.  (more…)