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Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

Sometimes when we hear of shepherds in scripture or think of Jesus as a good shepherd we get an image of a sort of wimpy man quietly petting sheep. Certainly being a shepherd entails a certain gentleness and patience, but these aspects are not… Continue Reading “Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter)”

Keep holy…the Sabbath?

“May your people exult for ever, O God, in renewed youthfulness of spirit.” That is how we prayed this morning at the beginning of Mass: yes, God wants to renew our tired spirits! He wants to fill us with youthfulness.

Palm Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our Mother the Church instructs her ministers that after the reading of the Passion narrative, “a brief homily, if appropriate, should take place”(22). There is one thing that strikes me about this profound Gospel passage: Saint Peter followed him at… Continue Reading “Palm Sunday”

The Daughters of Lukewarmness

Nobody wants to be lukewarm! I told a priest friend we should both write a blog post for Lent. He beat me to it by several weeks…so here we go. Six Daughters of Lukewarmness, as explained by St Thomas Aquinas and St Gregory the… Continue Reading “The Daughters of Lukewarmness”