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30th Sunday Ordinary Time—The twofold Commandment

“Love begins here” so proclaimed an advertisement for a bridal convention I saw on a billboard recently. Is it really true that love begins when we buy things? If that is the case we are in trouble! I imagine things at a bridal convention… Continue Reading “30th Sunday Ordinary Time—The twofold Commandment”

26th Sunday–True Freedom from Fear

My aunt used to tell her children “a fair is something you go to in the summer time.” In other words, life is not “fair”! The Israelites should heed my aunt’s wisdom as they receive a strong reprimand from the Lord: “You say, “The… Continue Reading “26th Sunday–True Freedom from Fear”


My homily for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The readings can be found here: Our Lord gives us a very clear mandate: if you and I want him to forgive us, we must forgive those who hurt us. This is not an… Continue Reading “Forgiveness”

The Lord’s Day

Homily given for the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Today we hear something very important from our Lord: it is vitally important to gather together in… Continue Reading “The Lord’s Day”

The Promises of the Sacred Heart

I am in my office right now. Thankfully I do not sit in my office very often, but I have to do that every now and then to have a presence. Also it helps to keep my desk fairly organized and not looking too… Continue Reading “The Promises of the Sacred Heart”

Homily by St John Chrysostom

I wanted to share this second reading from today’s Office of Readings in the Roman breviary. I thought it was worth sharing, especially for those who do not pray the Office. From a homily on the first letter to the Corinthians by Saint John… Continue Reading “Homily by St John Chrysostom”

A typical day

This morning when I looked ahead at my day I should have suspected it would not be nearly what I expected it to be. Before my eyes I didn’t have anything planned until a 1:00 parish staff party to celebrate some birthdays. Of course,… Continue Reading “A typical day”