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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

After a little hiatus…I am back at posting! One of these days I will start posting about my daily life as a priest and some of the amazing experiences. I remember reading such blogs when I was discerning very early on and found them… Continue Reading “Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

Saint John Neumann

These days I have though a lot about vocations, and with the gospel passages we have been hearing, I have thought a lot about the vocations of the Apostles our Lord called. These twelve were the first bishops of the Church, the first ones… Continue Reading “Saint John Neumann”

Feast of the Holy Family

When I hear the Gospel of today, I just think of how exhausting this whole ordeal must have been for the Holy Family, not only physically but certainly emotionally as well!Family life can be very tiring, and our Lord wanted to start his redemptive… Continue Reading “Feast of the Holy Family”

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Herod “the great” was a brutal king in Judea. As one connected to the Romans, he was very insecure governing the Jews. Among his pursuits, he killed his wife, his brother and his sister’s two husbands, to name only a few. Today we hear… Continue Reading “Feast of the Holy Innocents”

Tuesday, 22nd Week of OT

First homily to seminarians and formators… To be a priest of Jesus Christ. That is why we are all here. Each of us has heard that unique call of our Lord in our lives to leave everything to follow him. This is a truly… Continue Reading “Tuesday, 22nd Week of OT”


We must be always vigilant, awaiting the day when we will be called from this life to meet our Lord to be judged. This Gospel reading is from Matthew 24 (42-51), which is full of such warnings. It’s a good idea to read this… Continue Reading “Vigilance!”

Saint Barnard of Clairvoux

Today we celebrate a great doctor of the Church, Saint Bernard of Clairvoux. He is called the “last of the Fathers of the Church” because in the 12th century he brought to the forefront the teachings of the Fathers of the Church. He was… Continue Reading “Saint Barnard of Clairvoux”