Spiritual Direction

Lots of people who are seeking ways to grow in a life of prayer will seek spiritual direction. The problem is that many do not know exactly what spiritual direction is. Some might think it is kind of like religious self help or therapy. Spiritual direction is more pointed toward growth in holiness and virtue. A spiritual direction time doesn’t need to take hours–often even just 20 minutes can be very helpful.

A good spiritual director will help the directee to really live in the freedom as a son or daughter of God the Father. One who is taking good advantage of this help will not be slavishly dependent on the spiritual director, but will try to put into practice the suggestions and ideas that are proposed. The spiritual director prays for the person coming for direction.

One should never use spiritual direction as a crutch, or as a way to brag to others “I have a spiritual director, so I must be more advanced than you!”. It is helpful to meet regularly with the director (about once a month or more if needed).

What does one talk about in spiritual direction?

Here is a possible outline (as proposed in the little book “Making the Most of Spiritual Direction“:

  • Preoccupations, sorrows, joys
  • Experiencing God’s presence
  • Faith
  • Holy purity
  • Vocation
  • Practices of piety
  • Study and work
  • Mortification
  • Fraternity
  • Apostolate


There are some excellent books that could be very helpful for getting the most out of this helpful spiritual gift in the Church.





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