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Palm Sunday

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our Mother the Church instructs her ministers that after the reading of the Passion narrative, “a brief homily, if appropriate, should take place”(22). There is one thing that strikes me about this profound Gospel passage: Saint Peter followed him at… Continue Reading “Palm Sunday”

Lenten Prayer

This prayer is a good reminder of Lent and also the possibility to always renew our hearts in the Lenten spirit, even if we are late in Lent right now. Here is a prayer given to me by my spiritual director, and I believe… Continue Reading “Lenten Prayer”

Novena to Saint Joseph

The feast of the Patron of the Universal Church, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Terror of Demons is approaching March 19! Here is the beautiful Litany of Saint Joseph, listing his titles. They could even be prayed any day as an aspiration.… Continue Reading “Novena to Saint Joseph”

The Daughters of Lukewarmness

Nobody wants to be lukewarm! I told a priest friend we should both write a blog post for Lent. He beat me to it by several weeks…so here we go. Six Daughters of Lukewarmness, as explained by St Thomas Aquinas and St Gregory the… Continue Reading “The Daughters of Lukewarmness”

Gaudete Sunday

You may have noticed a little different color scheme today! Yes, the Church celebrates the third Sunday of Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday. Thus the color of the vestments is rose–the color of hope. Traditionally in the liturgy, today is also the one day… Continue Reading “Gaudete Sunday”

Saint Juan Diego

Today is the feast of Saint Juan Diego. It was on December 9 that the Blessed Mother first appeared to him. Here is his biography taken from the Vatican website: St Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (1474-1548). Little is known about the life of Juan Diego… Continue Reading “Saint Juan Diego”

Immaculate Conception Novena

The joy of a feast day is too great to contain within one day. That is why we often have entire liturgical seasons and octaves. For example, after Christmas Day we have the octave of Christmas–eight days of Christmas, followed by an entire season… Continue Reading “Immaculate Conception Novena”