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We are a pro life people

In the Gospel (Mt 21:33-43) we experience something very shocking: clearly the workers in the vineyard do not have a respect for human life. They treat it as quite disposable, something that can be destroyed when it stands in their way. We hear our… Continue Reading “We are a pro life people”

Jesus the Great High Priest

I preached this homily on the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B. There is a legend that Saint John Neumann and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos were traveling through Latrobe. Due to the Anti-Catholicism of the time they could not find a place to… Continue Reading “Jesus the Great High Priest”

Respect Life homily

Yesterday I was blessed to able to ride a bus to Washington, DC for the 45th annual March for Life. This march is of course to bring awareness to the need to overturn a court decision that allows for abortion at any time.