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Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter)

Sometimes when we hear of shepherds in scripture or think of Jesus as a good shepherd we get an image of a sort of wimpy man quietly petting sheep. Certainly being a shepherd entails a certain gentleness and patience, but these aspects are not… Continue Reading “Good Shepherd Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Easter)”

Saint Patrick

In today’s day and age, at least in the USA, the memorial of Saint Patrick is often used as an excuse for debauchery. Cities color their rivers green and people go to bars. Saint Patrick would tell these people to use their energy to… Continue Reading “Saint Patrick”

Christ the King

In 1925 two men sat down to write documents that would have powerful effects on the world. One man would dictate his thoughts about humanity from a prison cell, which would be titled “my struggle” or, in German “Mein Kampf”. In this book the… Continue Reading “Christ the King”

Follow me…

Luke 9:51-62 “He resolutely journeyed to Jerusalem”…Our Lord is not a hippie or a whimp. No, he was not simply some guy who encourages us to just simply float through life being nice He is perfect God and perfect man. Our Lord is absolutely… Continue Reading “Follow me…”